The Sewer Massacre

Welcome to The Sewer Massacre web page. It is a roguelike game, which was originally written in seven days (7-day roguelike). As such, it's probably not as deep and complicated as the other roguelikes, but it should be fun nonetheless. You may also wish to try my previous 7DRL, The Rougelike and my next, Urban Warfare. All of these games were written in Common Lisp.

Download it!

The latest version (1.0) is at for Windows and at for Linux. These distributions include binaries and source for the corresponding platform.

If you want only the source, download You need CLISP or SBCL to compile it. You also need CL-STORE, CFFI , CL-MD5 and trivial-gray-streams (all asdf-installable).

Version history

Another 28.05.07 update I've fixed the dreaded "empty inventory" bug. The version number is not increased, because it's just one-line fix. Just redownload the files if you downloaded them before I fixed 'em.

28.05.07 update: the brand new, improved and otherwise awesome version 1.0 is finally released. New monsters, monster abilities and improved gameplay!

16.11.06 update: fixed many annoying bugs, use the latest version of PDCurses. Changed version number since having different releases with the same version number leads to confusion. This version was actually tested to work with both SBCL and CLISP (simultaneously!).

13.11.06 update: The Curses interface is completely revamped. The game now runs faster than Dungeon Crawl on my machine. Seriously.

Changes since 0.7drl: fixed crash bug (hopefully), increased performance and portability. Added SBCL support.

The game world

In this game you are a homeless person who descends into the sewers in search for treasure. The goal is to collect as much money as possible and return alive.


Documentation is included with the game. It is however fairly sparse. There is more to this game than you think. It is hard to stay alive, so tactics are important. Healing potions (aka cans) are VERY important.